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02. Message Playground


Message Playground let you write or prepare a message to send it over a active WebSocket connection. Its a central controlling element which you'll have frequent use to prepare, to send and to save messages in collection.

Supported Message Payload Types

WebSocket client in Firecamp supports variety of message types which makes possible to test different payload from TEXT to BINARY.

  2. File (BINARY)
  3. Array Buffer
  4. Array Buffer View

Check out the below video on how you can test different message types listed above.


Below are the list of controls in Message Playground to perform specific actions.

  1. Save Message: By clicking on this control button you'll be ask for title and to choose a folder to save it in a collection.

  2. Switch Connection: At the time of sending message you can switch to the different active connection to send message over there with this control.

  3. Send Message: Just click this control button to send the existing message to the active WebSocket connection.

Check out the below video to get the idea of how you can use the various message control while WebSocket Development.

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