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04. Connections

Manage multiple connections


Connections tab offers a facility to create and manage multiple WS connections. Here each connection represents a virtual client connection. It helps to monitor/debug the connection messages in a single request-tab rather than switching between multiple request-tabs.

For the each connection you can set headers and query-params individually and easily can swtich between connection A to B and C.

How to create a new connection?

To create a new WS connection just click on the New Connection button and type connection name (ex. Alice) and hit enter to create it. That simple.

  1. Click on the New Connection button
  2. Type connection name (ex Alice)
  3. Hit Enter

Check out the below video that walks you through the creating connection to using virtual connection to test WebSocket APIs.

Connection Elements

Each connection has basically two elements. Headers and Query Params. You can switch the connection from it's drop-down to change its headers or query-params.

1. Headers: In this table, you can specify the header's key in the key column and value in a value column. for example Authorization: JTW MyLongJWTSalt

2. Query Params: You can write query-parameter name with value in a given table with respect to the Key and Value column. for example name: Alice

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