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07. Client/Server Messages


Also known as Response Panel or Messages Panel, placed at right side pane in WebSocket client. This panel will show all the messages sent from the Firecamp's WS client and received from the WS server in a very intuitive chat-board like debugging UI.

Debug/Monitor multiple WS connections

This response-panel will arrange an individual tab for each connection. You can switch to the connection tab to review the WS messages which are being sent and received.


This feature-rich chat-board like Response-Panel has many small control-buttons that hold specific actions within itself.

1.Fullscreen panelView the whole panel in full-screen to be more focused.
2.Fullscreen messageView the long message in full-screen to read long text.
3.Message AlignmentsAlign message list to right, left of center
4.Clear all messagesClear all messages from current connections
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