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02. Establishing multiple WS connections

Playing with multiple connections to the same WebSocket server.


  1. Basics of the Impression URL bar.
  2. Basics of the Impression Connections.


There is always one default connection when you'll open a WS tab. Now to create and connect other virtual client connections click on the Connections tab and follow the below steps

  1. click on the new connection button at the top-right side of the message-playground.
  2. Enter a connection name in opened popup. for example Alice. and hit enter to add it. Select the checkbox to connect it immediately after creation.
  3. Follow step-2 to create additional connections as much as you want like Alice, Bob, Rikki.
  4. You can select any connection from the connection list (top-left side of the message-playground). apply Headers and Query Params and save the request.

You can always switch between connections, connect and disconnect them from connection-control (right-side of the URL bar)

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