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03. Setting up an Event Emitter

In this action you will learn to configure an event emitter in the integration


  • A configured and connected
  • Active Event listener


  1. Navigate to the Emit Event bar to set up a new event emitter for your connection.
  2. Enter the Event Emitter name in the field with the Emit Event Name placeholder.
  3. Enter any args you want to pass as key-value pairs in the Arguments tab. You can set multiple arguments by opening a new Argument tab.

    In our example we'll add Emitter as add user and new message, add the argument as respectively

  "username" : "Elon Musk"
"username": "Elon Musk",
"message": "Hey from Mars...."
  1. Click on the Emit button to Emit the event.

Awesome! Your connecition is ready to test.


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