Launch Firecamp

01. Connecting and Configuring a Socket endpoint

In this action you will learn to connect and configure a socket endpoint


To test out this actions we'll use the SocketIO official Demo


  1. To test your connection, connect to the socket end-point in Firecamp.
  2. To achieve this connection, enter the end-point in the URL bar at the top of the window. For this example, write this URL the URL section.
  3. Configure the end-point by clicking on the Config icon on the left of the Connect button.
  4. Enter the Path and set the Query and Header keys to configure the end-point.
  5. After configuration, hit the connect button to connect with server.

To Disconnect from server, click on the Connect button again. Firecamp client will disconnect from the server.

Awesome! Now you can head to the next step that is setting up Event Listeners and Event Emitters for your connection.

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