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02. Request Panel

Overview of the Request Panel of the API app


The request panel in the API app is the one-stop hub for configuring requests to the API endpoint. Whether you are debugging your API or integrating 3rd party APIs, you can easily get started with Firecamp.

Through the Request Panel, you can configure several parts of your request. These are as follows:

  1. Body- Quick method selection - Quick body type selection - Add multiple bodies ![Request Panel](../assets/req_panel.jpg)
  2. Auths- Quick auth type selection ![Auth](../assets/req_auth.jpg)
  3. Headers - The `Headers` tab helps to provide information about the body of the request. They represent the metadata associated with API requests and responses. ![RHeaders](../assets/req_headers.jpg)
  4. Params - Use the `Params` tab to specify query parameters in the form of key-value pairs in the URL. ![Params](../assets/req_params.jpg)
  5. Scripts - To help you debug right, Scripts in Firecamp support code snippets provided by the user that can execute before or after the request is sent. Also, it helps with test cases. Scripts
  6. Config - The Config tab helps you configure essential options for your API like Origin and Timeout. Config
  7. Code snippets Generator - To help you implement, build and test faster, Firecamp lets you generate snippets of code in various languages and frameworks through the Code Snippets Generator. Snippets

When you send a request, Firecamp will show the response from the server in the Request Panel with the functionality to view, format and copy the data received along with other information.

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