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08. Generate code snippets for your Requests

Learn about the code generator for your API requests


After creating your request, and saving it in Firecamp. You might need to run the same request in your application. To help with this, Firecamp lets you generate snippets of code in various languages and frameworks. That, in turn, helps you implement, build and test faster.

Click the Code link located below the word "REQUEST" in the request panel of the API app.

Code generator

Selecting a language

Navigate to the tab having your desired language or framework, some tabs having multiple options inside them to generate your code snippet with a particular framework/library.

Code Snippets

Select the code snippet using your mouse, copy and paste it into your application code.

Supported languages/frameworks

Firecamp currently supports the following options:

  • C LibCurl
  • Go Built-in HTTP package
  • JavaScript jQuery AJAX
  • JavaScript XMLHttpRequest
  • Java OkHttp
  • Java Unirest
  • NodeJS Native (HTTP module)
  • NodeJS Request
  • NodeJS Unirest
  • Python Built-in http.client (Python 3)
  • Python Requests
  • Objective-C Built-in NSURLSession
  • Ruby Built-in NET::Http
  • Shell wget
  • Shell HTTPie
  • Shell cURL
  • Swift Built-in NSURLSession

GIF of copy-pasting CURL into the terminal with firecamp

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