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01. Sending your First Request

Learn to send your first request with the API app


  • Environment snippet should be set


To demonstrate this action we'll use the JSON placeholder API to test various operations.

  1. Select the request method POST from either the drop-down menu or the Quick Method Selection section.
  2. Set the following API end-point in the URL bar.
  3. Select a body type as JSON from drop-down. Add body as shown below
    "userId": 102,
    "id": 102,
    "title": "This is request title", 
    "body": "This is request body"
  1. Hit enter and wait for API response.
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Additional information:

To test out APIs smoothly and to facilitate a quick response, create multiple bodies as instructed below:

  1. Navigate to the tiny + icon in the top right corner of the Request Panel and click on it.
  2. Enter a name for your body in the name field with the placeholder New Body Name and hit enter.
  3. You can either create a new body or copy the current body by checking the checkbox below the name field.
  4. Test you the API using different bodies smoothly.
Code Snippets

Voila! Now you know how to send your first request.

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