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01. URL bar

Through this impression we understand more about the URL bar in the GraphQL app of Firecamp


URL bar

The URL bar in the GraphQL app is the hub area for sending, saving and modifying requests.

The URL bar consists of 5 elements, 1. Method selection 2. URL field 3. Send button (Execute) 4. Save button 5. Environment badges

Method Selection

URL method Selection

Request methods are used by protocols like HTTP at the times of request to indicate the desired action that needs to be performed for a given resource. Firecamp supports request methods that act on requests made to the GraphQL endpoint. These are available for use in the GraphQL app through the dropdown list in the URL bar. These are as follows:

  • POST - The¬†POST¬†method is used to submit an entity to the specified resource, often causing a change in state or modify the data.
  • GET - The GET method is used to retrieve data and should have no other effect on the data.

Learn more about it in the Request Methods impression.

URL Field

The GraphQL endpoint can be specified in the URL field. This is the endpoint on which the request will be made when the Send button is clicked.

  • PLACEHOLDER FOR URL BAR with the request method dropdown list open

GraphQL endpoints are similar to REST and often use the same HTTP(s) transports as REST. However, rather than using various path-based URIs and HTTP verbs, a GraphQL endpoint uses a single endpoint with a defined schema that specifies how to not only fetch data but also mutate and change data. GraphQL endpoints facilitate the interaction of one system with another system that takes care of processing and storage of data.

Send Button (Execute)

The orange Send button in the URL bar execute/sends your request to the endpoint specified in the URL field with the parameters you configured.

Save Button

The Save button in the URL bar saves your request to the project/module for future use by you or your team. Learn more about Projects in Firecamp and Steps to save your request in Firecamp.

Environment Badges

The Default and Project environment snippets (if working inside a project) can be accessed from the URL bar through the dropdown list. You can toggle between different environments or create new ones as per the usecase. Learn more about Environment Snippets.

Additional Resources

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