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02. Request Panel

Overview of Request Panel in the Graphql app


Request Panel

The Request Panel in the GraphQL app is the one-stop hub for crafting, configuring, and saving your queries, subscriptions and mutations.

Through the Request Panel, you can get access to several components available in the app. These are as follows:

  1. Playground - The Playground enables you to work with GraphQL APIs to write queries, mutations & subscriptions and comes with out-of-the-box features like contextual and intuitive auto-completion, syntax-highlighting, and source-code prettifier.
  2. Explorer - The Explorer component located in the request panel helps you in building queries more flexibly in the Playground through a pre-populated schema.
  3. Collection - The Collections component in the request panel that lets you organise your queries that you have saved using the Push to Collections button in the Playground.
  4. Headers - The Headers tab helps to provide more information/metadata about the query.
  5. Schema Documentation - The Schema Documentation provides developers blazing fast access to GraphQL documentation from right inside the Firecamp app to better structure and troubleshoot their queries.

When you send a query to your GraphQL endpoint, Firecamp will show the response from the server in the Response Panel on the right with the functionality to view, and copy the data received from the server along with other information.

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