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05. Explorer

Through this impression we go deeper on our understanding about Explorer


The Explorer component located in the request panel helps you in building queries more flexibly in the Playground through a pre-populated schema.

How to work with the Explorer

  1. Enter a GraphQL endpoint into the URL bar. If you don't have one, click the Sample button to add a sample endpoint.
  2. As you do, the Explorer will fetch the schema and populate the list with queries, mutations, and subscriptions you can perform.
  3. Next, scroll down the list in the Explorer and select the checkboxes for items you want in your query.
  4. As you select items, the query will auto-build in the Playground making debugging more accurate.
  5. When the query is complete, click the Send button to execute it.

Explorer is a great feature for you to build and test your GraphQL API more confidently.

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