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Environment Snippets

Through this impression we will understand more about Environment Snippets in Firecamp

Environment Snippets in Firecamp are a device to create a specific environment to test and debug your events, requests, and queries. While creating an Environment Snippet, you can enter a key and define it's custom value that can be reused anywhere inside your code and synced across projects, modules, and teams. You can perceive them as variables that you create, define, decalre, and resuse while configuring your requests or queries.

Types of Firecamp Environment Snippets:

  • Global Snippets: The scope of the Global snippets is extended to the Global Environment of your Firecamp workspace.
  • Project Snippets: The scope of the Project snippets is limited to a particular Project Environment.

Note: There exists a default global snippet for your workspace. However, you can learn how to create multiple Global and Project snippets for better API testing in the additional resources at the end of this Impression.

Environment Snippets uncomplicate the process of managing variables for requests in a distributed team. Your team can effectively create, modify and maintain a single source of truth for all your variables between different project environments (Staging, Production, Development, etc.).

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